Chorlton Meadows Walk

After a hectic few weeks we are back! And how else to do it than with a sausage dog walk in Chorlton followed a trip to Betty and Butch for some treats from their amazing Dog Deli. (Oh and of course some death by chocolate cake for us humans from The Richardson Bakery.)

You can access The Chorlton Meadows opposite the Bowling Green Pub, and there is a small car park which is great as parking around Chorlton can be tricky.

The walk can be as long or as short as you want to make it, we did a shorter walk around the woodland trails but there are many other longer routes you can take. With open fields for those 4 legged friends wanting to let of some steam and routes that will take to you to either Chorlton or Sale Water Park there is something for all.

If like us you want to have a nice leisurely walk and then visit Chorlton Village for a few treats then you will be spoilt got choice. Chorlton has dog friendly pubs, bars and cafes and a few of the shops even let welbehaved dogs in. Although Richardson’s bakery isn’t dog friendly their cakes and sandwiches are worth going for and when the weathers nice like today we were able to sit in he sun in Beech Road Park.

Here are some photographs we captured today of the sausages and a couple of friends. Enjoy!


1st Class Weekend…

Saturday: Well what can we say, Hugo started his weekend on a high! Arriving with minutes to spare he managed to win 1st in the Hounds class at the Dogwarts Fun Dog Show in Urmston and then devoured a tasty treat from the Betty and Butch stall. What more can a dog ask for!

After losing the Handsome dog prize to Hugo’s best buds Basil and Ralph we took a short break from the dog show and visited nearby Flixton for Lunch at J.Parkers Garden Centre. In the main the garden centre inside and out is dog friendly, apart from the inside of the cafe but as the weather was so nice we were able sit in the outdoor decking area. The food was really tasty and also well priced. We will definitely like to visit again to try the lovely looking cakes and maybe buy a plant or two for the garden. 

Back at the dog show Max a stunning German Shepherd took home the prize for Best in Show, but despite not winning Hugo had a blast and came away with his snout held high a red ribbon to boot. 

We would definitely recommend going to a Dogwarts event, even if you don’t want to take part in the classes it’s a great way to socialise your puppas and doggos. 

Dogwarts usual day to day work includes dog training and dog walking in the Trafford and Manchester Borough. Hugo could definitely benefit from a training class or 10… we may even find ourselves with another red ribbon for the best trick next time. Errmm well maybe. 

Sunday: Dragging Hugo out of his bed after such a busy day showing off we headed to nearby Uppermill in Saddleworth. If you have never been it’s a small village on the edge of the Peak District National Park and Dove Stone Reservoir. 

Uppermill has a good choice of tearooms, pubs and cafes but after trundling up and down the High Street we decided to grab a sandwich to go from Buckley’s Bakery and found a nice spot in the park to plonk ourselves down. The sandwiches had a generous portion of meat so Hugo may have had a few sneaky pieces of turkey whist he was patiently waiting for us. 

We then had a walk down the canal towpath that runs by the side the village, this is a great route that can be as long or as short as you want to make it. As always Hugo was stopped by lots of lovely people (hence the lack of photos of him today) but he doesnt mind the attention as he loves being fussed over. 

Its definitely worth noting that on a sunny day parking in Uppermill is difficult, but if you drive around enough you’ll find a spot as someone leaves. We managed to find a 2 hour parking place, which coinsidentally happened to be nearby the bakery! So of course when we returned to the car we picked up some cakes to take home for us humans… it’d be rude not too (or is that just us). 

Don’t worry about Hugo he still has lots of treats left over from yesterday to enjoy, that’s if we are able to wake him up that is! 

Sizzling Sausages

Today we joined a dachshund walk organised through the North West Dachshund Group at Heaton Park. Todays walk was specially organised (By Fran, Dave’s owner) to raise money for the Manchester bomb victims fund.

We know dachshunds are known for being fair weather dogs but todays weather was a scorcher! So there were plenty of stops in the shade for ice cream and water to cool down.

Heaton Park is one of Manchester’s largest municipal parks with plenty of place for off the lead fun and trails for those who prefer to venture off the beaten track. There are two cafes with outdoor seating for dog owners, one by the boating lake and the other at the farm. But there is also plenty of space to have your own picnic. (There will be even more when the Parklife tidying up is finished)


This park can be really busy during Peak times, the car parks can be full and if your dog likes the freedom to run around or doesn’t like crowds then we would suggest visiting either in the morning or early evening. Our personal favourite time is one hour before dusk which means the park is empty and peaceful.

Here are some pictures we managed to take before our camera battery died of the glorious sausages who came to enjoy the sunshine in aid of a good cause.



Sundays are for Sausages…

As most dachshund owners will tell you once you have one they take over your life… and this Sunday was no different when Barkers of Wilmslow hosted one of their famous dedicated breed parties and this Sunday was the turn of the Dachshunds to party, eat treats, drink doggie beer and dive around in a ball pool.


Hugo loves meeting other dogs and these parties are a great place for socialising, so if you have a puppy or a dog that is a little more on the timid side I would definitely recommend taking them to a Barkers Party. There were sausages of all shapes and sizes, old and young all enjoying being the centre of the barkers staff attention.

The staff are lovely and go above and beyond to make this crazy experience enjoyable. This time they had made some mince meatball treats which Hugo wolfed down. (He may have helped himself to seconds!) They even had the recipe on a flyer, so that we can make them ourselves at home.


These events are also a great place for us humans too, swapping stories and getting advice and the biggest bonus of all is that you get to cuddle and meet so many adorable dachshunds in one place… especially puppies like Charlie a tiny dapple who Hugo made friends with.


After an hour of dachshund fun it was time to say goodbye and take home some of Hugo’s favourite sausage treats. Don’t worry he didn’t get to eat them all at once despite him cheekily stealing the full link.

All in all Barkers is a great place to take your dog at anytime not just for the parties, they have have a great range of treats and toys and even a doggie spa.





dodging the rain…

Dragging Hugo from his bed one weekend in search of a break in the miserable Manchester weather we jumped in the car and drove over to the other side of the Pennines to the picturesque town of Hebden Bridge.

After a wander around the dog friendly shops, a short walk along the River Calder and a few sprints in the park the dark clouds began to roll in above us. So we set off in search for a small but wonderful cafe that was recommended to us through the North West Dachshund Owners Group on Facebook, The Lamp Post Cafe.


If you are like us and love to find a dog friendly cafe that is so dog friendly they offer a separate menu for your four-legged friend, then The Lamp Post Cafe is definitely the place to go. With pupcakes galore and doggie bear flowing this is definitely a new favourite of Hugo’s.

Although the cafe was very busy, and we had to wait 15 min for a table, once we sat down the staff were friendly and attentative and we were served swiftly without feeling rushed to give up our table.


During our wait for a table we had time to deliberate over the Hound and Human Menus. Hugo had a peanut butter pupcake which he couldn’t wait to devour… well after posing for a picture of course!


From the Human Menu we chose the raspberry and white chocolate sponge cake and a pot of tea which went down a treat.


As well as the Hound Menu, there were clean towels available for wet dogs and stuffed sandbags to curl upon, any dog big or small will be made to feel at home.

We will definitely be paying Hebden Bridge and The Lamp Post Cafe another visit soon, and hopefully the sunshine will bless us with it’s presence next time!




A Short Introduction

This is Hugo, a weekend adventurer, pub finder, trail snifferouter, water avoider, miniature dachshund. At four years wise, when he isn’t napping Hugo loves nothing more than to bask in the sunshine and run along a sandy beach as long as its followed by some scrumptious food and more napping. Join us alongside Hugo as we explore dog friendly places to walk, eat and stay across the UK.


Anglezarke Reservoir, Chorley